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Chad Patawaran

Sales Associate

Quezon City Market Center
14th Floor San Miguel Properties Center
St. Francis Ave.
Mandaluyong 1550


I always had this obsessive fascination with the big city. I often day-dreamed about living and making it BIG in New York, London, Manila and other major cities in the world. Whenever I visit a huge city, I'm always amazed and almost hypnotized by the dazzling city lights,high-rise buildings, massive opportunity and so much energy going around. I often envision my self working late nights, on the top floor of a high-rise when everybody else left hours ago. I day-dreamed but to me, it is my only reality. I could not see myself doing anything else while living a fulfilled life that is driven by a great purpose. I've been in the sales industry for about 7 years and have been in the Real Estate industry, directly working with US Realtors for 5 years before I saw the opportunity to be a Real Estate agent and be part of something big. I was earning good money that was way above the average middle class Filipino salary. Most would have been contented but not me. I was grateful, but not contented. So, despite of it, I always felt like there was something missing; a huge void inside. I always knew the reason why I felt incomplete. I knew that the only way to fill the void is for me to follow my dreams and pursuit my passion. October 2017, I saw a huge opportunity to finally pursuit my passion and make my vision become a reality. Through Facebook, I got the news that Keller Williams opened their very first office in the Philippines; in the " Big City ", Metro Manila! Without second thought and hesitation, I called one of the KWPhilippines' managers. She was very kind, supportive and went the extra mile . We made a deal to work together with the goal in mind to make a positive difference in the Philippine real estate industry. After our conversation, I made the decision to move to Manila in a heartbeat. I sold the vision to my Wife and she said YES. I had her blessing. The sudden change and transition was not easy for our family, especially to my Wife, but she knows that nothing is going to stop me from making our dreams and vision a reality. I have a clear vision of providing best fiduciary real estate service to all my clients and anyone in need of real estate help. Whether you're selling a property or buying a property...or just in need of a free real estate consultation so you know the best direction to take. Give me a chance to earn your trust and business and I promise you, I will hold your hand in every step of the way and make it a phenomenal real estate experience for you! “It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

My Listed Properties

18 0
PHP 3,499,998
USD 68,681
GBP 52,033
EUR 58,478
SGD 93,178
CNY 457,107
JPY 7,694,123
  • 1 bedroom condo for sale

Live, work and play in one of Megaworld's  Flagship developments! Located at the center ...

Other Properties from the Quezon City Market Center

15 0
PHP 3,500,000
USD 68,681
GBP 52,033
EUR 58,478
SGD 93,178
CNY 457,107
JPY 7,694,128
  • studio condo for sale

Italian Inspired Executive Residences This is an address that draws you in completely; One that captures your imagination with pleasures big and s...

11 0
PHP 2,700,000
USD 52,983
GBP 40,140
EUR 45,111
SGD 71,880
CNY 352,625
JPY 5,935,470
  • studio condo for sale

 The Pearl Place. Located along Pearl Drive corner Gold Loop... THIS IS A  BARE UNIT LOCATED IN - T...

15 0
PHP 53,000,000
USD 1,040,031
GBP 787,933
EUR 885,521
SGD 1,410,978
CNY 6,921,903
JPY 116,511,077
  • 5 bedroom house and lot for sale

Owner built house, moved-in last April, 2016.. This beautiful home has 2 masters bedrooms, one is located up and one is ...