Mega relief


Mega Camp is Now Mega Relief



The Keller Williams family has an opportunity to serve a much greater purpose during the Mega Camp week this year. We now look forward to welcoming you to Mega Relief &ndash a week-long event focused on providing immediate aid to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Plans are currently being made for thousands of Keller Williams associates from around the world to team up with community partners to make a major impact in the lives of those affected.



Registered Attendees

If you were already registered to join us in Austin for Mega Camp, we still need you here. There is no shortage of work to be done and the need is only growing! Get ready for an incredibly rewarding week, as we put our culture into action and show the world who Keller Williams is and what we can achieve together.

In order to prepare, we need to know just how many boots we’ll have on the ground! Be on the lookout for an email on Friday, September 1 requiring you to confirm your attendance by Tuesday, September 5, by 8 AM CST.


How can I help if I'm not registered?


Mega Relief is an event organized around doing the most amount of good possible during the week of Mega Camp. However, our efforts CANNOT stop there.

KW Cares anticipates that the recovery needs will far exceed any we’ve seen in our company’s history. We’ve already received pledges for millions of dollars, but quite simply, we need much more. Whether or not you’re currently registered, you can still help by volunteering or donating through RED Relief – an ongoing effort to raise $20 million dollars and provide support to our affected KW family members located along the Gulf Coast.



Together for Texas


The Mega Relief event is bringing people together in Texas where we’ve pivoted to do the greatest good in the cities within driving distance from Austin. From fundraising events to volunteers on the ground, Keller Williams associates, businesses and individuals across Texas are coming together at Mega Relief to make a difference and rebuild.